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6 reasons You Need a Makeup Artist on Your Shoot

#1- Having your makeup done gives the model or client confidence. When you’ve got your face on, aren’t you a little more, “hey look at me, because I look GOOD!”

#2- They can really bring your ideas to life. Makeup can make or break your creative work. It really brings everything together and gives your look a certain wow factor.

#3- They know what looks good in pictures and highlight your best features. Sometimes highlighter under flash, looks awful. Sometimes the camera lighting throws off the blush on someones face. Makeup artists know all of these tricks and their way around them.

#4- It can cut editing time significantly. Who really wants to photoshop all the pimples, stray eyebrows, eyeliner mistakes, and overdone lipstick marks? I certainly don't, so get yourself a makeup artist to do it for you!

#5- They can help calm down a nervous model or client. In my experience, the time that the makeup artist spends with the model or client really calms them down. A good makeup artist will let them know how great they look and talk them out of thinking too much about their nerves.

#6- If they’re nice like my mama, they’ll come to the shoot with you and help out. My mother is a makeup artist and has been for years. I can tell her the kind of look I am going for and a color palette, and she will do exactly what I did not know I needed. It is perfect! And then, she comes with me and my model and gives tips and holds my reflector. I've got a great mama. You should definitely check her out: Karrie Lykins MUA -

Model Above: Taylor Adams

Makeup by: Karrie Lykins Makeup Artist

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