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I have been dabbling in film photography for a hot minute now. In high school I developed some film, but never really touched it after that. Now, about a year ago, I found an old (working!) Minolta film camera and I have been slowly learning how to use film. It is a little more expensive and no one gives you back negatives unless you send the film off for developing, but it is loads of fun. I like that you don't get to see the photo that you took until you get them back. It makes me remember memories that I had forgotten about because I have to constantly remind myself to take the film in. I take it to Walgreens by the way (it's pretty cheap and good quality and speed). Also, I love using disposable cameras when I am on family adventures and don't need all of the options that come with a real camera!

Let me know if you have film questions or want to see more of my film work!

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