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Jake Stokes

This man. Jake Stokes. We went to high school together and if there was one person who could attest to the fact that practice makes perfect, it's him. We did a quick "session" junior year for practice and his modeling career (sorry Stokes, time to rat you out!). It went well, and I was pretty proud at the time. I used him as a model again for an idea that I had not too long ago, so we've got a good 4 years of growth right here.

You can definitely tell that my editing style has changed, but so has my shooting style. I used to shoot from above all the time because that was the thing to do to make people look good (it's not by the way). Now, I either shoot pretty straight-on or from below. I prefer to see the sky instead of the ground now! lol

The growth on Stokes part, omg. He has always been great to pose but he's really grown into his own. He also makes music now, so you can find him on soundcloud, I think. Stokes, comment below so that the people of the world can find you!

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