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Jon and Ervena

My little brother is not so little anymore. . . Jon and his amazing girlfriend, Ervena, are quite adorably in love and I had the honor of photographing them last week. I have never taken photos of my brother before and Ervena has her pictures taken fairly often, so it's safe to say that I was a little nervous about how these would turn out. Our original plan was to take a queen-sized blow-up mattress out to the lake and do some cute floating photos. After blowing up the facebook marketplace mattress, I realized that it was twin-sized. Neither of these two tall people can actually fit on twin and it turned into a Titantic situation. On the plus side, we know that both could have fit on that door (would have been tight, but possible)! So, we had to use the backup plan of cute open field photos and I am SOOOOO happy with how they turned out. ​Long story short, everything works out in the end especially when there's always a backup plan in place lol

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