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My Camera Bag

Like every photographer, I searched high and low for the perfect camera bag. It turns out, the best bag for me belonged to my dad and was sitting in my attic.

My dad was in Italy with my mom when I was born and they brought all sorts of things with us when we came back to the US. This backpack happened to be one of those things. I went home one weekend and we cleaned out the attic and I saw this gorgeous thing and just knew it was my new camera bag. I brought it to my dad and asked very nicely if I could keep it and BAM that was it. It is amazing because it has pockets, its sturdy, it has a meaning to me and my family, and its pretty!

While it is real leather, I wasn't quite sure how I was going to pad it to keep everything safe inside on my adventures. After some wide google searches, I discovered these nice little. inserts that can make any bag a camera bag! The one that I use is an S-Zone waterproof inner case camera bag. I'm pretty sure that I chose this one because it was cheap and prime and had great reviews. It was and still is exactly what I wanted and fits my bag perfectly! I can rearrange the pads and make it exactly as I need it. Once I learned that I could make any of my favorite bags or purses into a camera bag, my problem was solved. And the best part is that if I feel like changing my bag or style, I can just take the insert out and put it in a new bag! I love my dad's bag and I love that I can use it in my job.

p.s. thanks dad for letting me steal your bag!

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