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We All Start Somewhere

Here's a real time capsule for you!

All photographers have to start somewhere, and this is where I started. Many a years ago, 10th grade Sydney decided that she wanted to take a photography class because she had gotten a camera the summer before. While that class didn't necessarily teach me what I really wanted to know, I definitely learned the basics and history. Given that, I shot a lot of flowers and plants because people were scary. Don't get me wrong, I do occasionally get a little nervous while shooting portraits sometimes; but I had zero idea how to pose and direct.

A couple of years after that while applying to colleges, I decided that I needed more in my portfolio other than flowers and inanimate things. So, I went around my high school and asked random students if I could take their photo. It wasn't awful considering I hadn't taken photos of people before, but nothing compared to what I am able to do now. I still got into the college that I had applied to with the portfolio, but looking back, I have grown so much!

(it was SCAD by the way)

I slowly got better and eventually went to Clemson and got a job working with their photographers and the difference that made! Oh my goodness! So much progress! I worked with all sorts of clients and professionals and if you are someone looking to grow, I suggest reaching out to other photographers and see if they need help. Once I hit Clemson, I began helping with weddings and really building my business.

And don't even get me started on the amount of style changes I went through!

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