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You Got Engaged!

I have absolutely LOVED watching so many of you announce your engagements over the past month! Congratulations to each and every one of you! In preparation for your upcoming nuptials, I have gotten together a list of some of my favorite resources for you when it comes to planning your wedding. I have attended plenty of weddings over the past two or three years and there are somethings that I do suggest with all of my being and some things that I never suggest doing ever. For example, always designate someone to help gather your things from the venue at night so that when you do your exit, you don't have to worry about anything, and do a last dance alone with your new spouse when everyone is getting ready for the big exit. Do not worry about printing out programs or doing favors that aren't going to be kept (people are there for you, not to know who's in your bridal party and is your 2nd cousin really going to want a cup with your name on it?).

Anyway, here are some great online resources for when you are starting to plan your wedding!

1. @ellenkkneal on TikTok

2. Pinterest!

3. - has info on planning, vendors, dresses, invitations, registry, etc.

4. Etsy - want a customizable something? Get ideas or support a small business!

5. - has lots of advice!

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